Material flow management in real-time – Made in Germany

Avoid “emergency stops”, delays and double delivery’s at your workstations by automating your material flow : With the E-Kanbansolutions from ADE. Our years of experience in the production, commissioning, logistics and material flow management sectors, have made ADE one of the leading manufacturers and providers of E-Kanban. ADE provides everything from one source, from development and manufacturing to our own sales team. We can offer you individual solutions that have been tailored to your companies requirements. For example, our sensor module that triggers once a container is removed. Furthermore, we offer solutions to optimize your material supply at the workplace with the help of color recognition, push buttons and RFID. ADE’s E-Kanban solutions provide a smooth production procedure for numerous facilities Worldwide.

Certainly we would have liked to greet you in person at the trade fair to show you our new products. The video shows an installation at our customer HUBER + SUHNER in Switzerland. The project shows a fully integrated complex material flow solution. All material handling steps are supported by visual elements to support an error free material replenishment process. We would be happy to discover together your specific process requirements and special features. We look forward to you!

You can download an overview of our e-Kanban application options here.

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